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Are You Leaking ?
by: Katrina Davis M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Do you leak urine when you cough or sneeze? Have you stopped jogging or playing your favorite sport out of embarrassment of wet clothing when you finish? Are you afraid to leave the house without wearing a pad? If this describes you, then you may have stress urinary incontinence.

More common in women than in men, there are a few different types of urine leakage. Urinary incontinence effects 1 in 3 female adults and becomes more common as women get older. Stress urinary incontinence or SUI means that you leak urine when the pressure within your abdomen increases and therefore pushes down on the pelvic floor including your bladder and urethra (tube through which we urinate). Sometimes the urethra is too mobile or can’t clamp down and therefore you leak.

Women who are overweight, smoke cigarettes, do a lot of heavy lifting or have had children are more likely to develop it. Also women who have conditions that make their muscles weak, like the disease Myasthenia , have an increased chance of having this problem.

Symptoms of SUI can be mild with occasional accidents or severe with daily leaks. Over time, accidents tend to become worse and more frequent. Fortunately, there are several ways to treat this problem.

One thing that can be done is to make the muscles in the pelvic floor stronger. A professional can work with you to show you exactly how to squeeze the pelvic muscles to get the best results. This usually takes several treatment sessions in the clinic setting and then a home program is eventually prescribed.

Another treatment is a small object called an incontinence dish. The dish is a plastic ring that when placed inside the vagina rests beneath the urethra to hold it steady during activities. It has to be removed every so often to be cleaned and then needs to be replaced to continue to work.

A third treatment is a procedure called urethral bulking. This can be performed in the office with no downtime. After the urethra is numbed, a camera for the bladder called a cystoscope is used to guide the injection of a material into the wall of the urethra. Since the urethra is like a tube, the material causes the opening to narrow and makes it less likely that urine will leak.

An additional option is placement of a sling. This is usually an outpatient surgery. There are several types of sling available. They typically involve an incision inside the vagina but depending on the type of sling placed, may also require additional incision(s) in the groin or low on the abdomen near the pubic bone. A small strip of permanent material called mesh is placed under the vaginal skin to give support to the urethra like a hammock.

A final and more recent treatment available is vaginal laser. This can be performed in the office with no downtime. After numbing, a metal tube is placed in the vagina and used to direct laser energy. The laser energy heats the vaginal skin under the urethra and makes it grow and become stronger.

Carol is a 45 year-old who leaked urine when she exercised. She spoke with her doctor and decided on vaginal laser treatment. She had the laser procedure performed one morning before work and continued to the office to complete her day.She is now able to exercise again without fear of accidents or need for a pad.

There are many options for women diagnosed with SUI. Each has its place depending on the patient and her circumstances. The important thing is to speak with your doctor about this to determine which is best for you.

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