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Labiaplasty and the Designers

Confusion is being generated about cosmetic gynecologic surgery and all it's different terminology. Labiaplasty is one of the procedures being performed. I would like to explain what it entails and the reason that some women choose to have this performed.

We have all been shaped and formed differently. Some women do not like the way they look, others are bothered by the size of their labia, trying to have an active lifestyle. Trying to do a spinning class with large protruding labia is not the most pleasant feeling. Visiting a sauna in Europe with your labia protruding, may impact on your self-confidence. Wearing bathing suits, tight clothing or work out clothes may be uncomfortable with large labia.

Historically, the Khoisan women are known for their labia minora, or inner lips, hanging down 3-4 inches below the vulva. Most women do not have labia protruding to this extent. Childbirth may stretch and elongate labia. Others have been born with large, irregular or asymmetrical labia. The labia majora sometimes become full and large as a result of weight gain and may cause pain and irritation.

Labiaplasty is plastic surgery of the labia majora and/or minora, which are external folds of skin surrounding the vagina, constituting the external female genitalia or vulva. Labiaplasty reduces and reshapes one or both labia.

Labiaplasty is usually about a 1- 2 hour outpatient surgery, usually done under local anesthesia and reshapes the outer or inner lips. Several different surgical methods can be used, dependent on patient's and surgeon/designers preference.

When the labia are made smaller, the clitoris often appears to be bigger, and sometimes women would like to have the clitoral hood reduced also.

The surgery has significantly increased in popularity over the last couple of years despite some professional organizations as ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists), not supporting them. Years ago women would not remove their pubic and vulvar hair, at the most slightly trim it, however nowadays the hair is being taken off or trimmed to a degree where labia will be more visible.

The labia will take up to 4-5 weeks to heal, so it will take some time before the result can be judged and "shown off." Research has shown that more than 90% of women are satisfied after labiaplasty, which is higher. The cited rate of reoperation is between 3 and 7%, mostly for dissatisfaction with the appearance, some for wound separation.

The surgeons performing the cosmesis, the designers, can use varying methods to reshape the labia, from scalpel to laser to electro cautery. One method has not been shown to be better than another. The training of the surgeons varies from plastic surgery, urology to obstetrics and gynecology/urogynecology.

Medical literature on labiaplasty is scarce but it is gaining popularity rapidly. If you are interested in the procedure, think that your labia are bothering your activity level or self-esteem, come in for a consultation.

Central Florida Urogynecology is your center for cosmetic gynecologic surgery and urogynecology.

Marja Sprock, MD is a board certified OB/GYN with fellowship training in urogynecology. She is an accomplished vaginal as well as laparoscopic surgeon. Her office is on 1009 Harvin Way, Suite 110, Rockledge FL, 32955.

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