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Take Action in the New Year !!
By Marja Sprock, M.D.

You may be getting tired of the ads stating “a new year, a new you”, however it is a good time to start working on your own health. Even though there are pills available for urinary incontinence and even some new ones, it often requires your determination and input to get better.

The new you may desire to treat her fecal incontinence which has slowly started to rule and ruin your life. Ruth H., 80, thought she may be too old to do something about it; however she wanted to give it a try. Ruth desired to go to her granddaughter’s wedding, but did not want to embarrass anybody by losing her stool a couple times a day. She also suffered from urinary incontinence. Even though her incontinence for urine bothered her, the fecal incontinence kept her homebound.

Ruth started with training her muscles, which made a difference, but did not bring her to total continence. Ruth underwent a test to see if she would qualify for a small nerve stimulator. Ruth came back with a big smile on her face; “thank you for giving me my life back”. Stool was ready daily at 9 am and ended up in the toilet and as a bonus; she was also dry for urine. Guess who has made reservations for the wedding already….?

When this starts looking like a “honey bucket” to you it is time to see Dr. Sprock at Central Florida UroGynecology.

Alexandra H, 52, complained of severe urgency and frequency of urination. She had worked as a hairdresser for years and could not drink fluids while helping clients. Alexandra had an office flexible cystoscopy, where she was able and comfortable to see the inside of her own bladder. She noticed that her entire bladder looked beautiful, except for a large growth on a small stalk. The growth was removed and Alexandra can help clients and drink fluids again. 

Lea, 48, had enough of her urinary incontinence and had been seen at another office for 5 years. Not due to lack of trying she had not noticed any improvement. Lea would leak with lifting, coughing but also sometimes just started leaking without an apparent reason. Lea had practiced her pelvic floor muscles and they were found to be very strong. Lea underwent 2 tests and was noticed to have severe stress incontinence as well as a severe inflammation of the bladder. After treatment of the bladder inflammation with once weekly medications in the bladder for 3 weeks, she was surprisingly totally cured. She was very pleased not to have to undergo surgery and to finally say good bye to those thick pads.

Looking Better and Feeling Better

A lot of people have not only waited for the new year to start treating their fecal or urinary incontinence, losing weight and looking and feeling better are common resolutions for the new year.

Central Florida UroGynecology is a premier center focusing on natural products and naturally improving your health. I-Lipo® is a non-invasive, non-painful laser treatment to achieve a better body shape. Our results have been recognized by the Chromogenex® parent company in Wales and we have numerous people who have lost their pants in the store, due to disappearing belly fat. I-Lipo® can give people a boost to start a healthy life style or make the stubborn fat disappear, which refuses to come off despite sit-ups and regular visits to the fitness center. I-Lipo can take away the fat on your thighs, no longer making them rub together while trying to run. I-Lipo laser treatment breaks the fat cells and makes them collapse. More or less making a grape into a raisin size, only smoother.

Another natural way to make your face look better is the Regenlite® laser. Again non-painful, basically relaxing, no needles, no sunburned face, you can go straight back to your regular activities. Regenlite activates your natural collagen to fill in wrinkles and diminish scars.

The basis of pelvic floor health is keeping the muscles toned. The pelvic floor is where the bladder, rectum, uterus and vagina rest on. A lot of women have done the training through biofeedback at our center and have become believers. Even though once taught how to contract and release the muscles correctly, you can practice them anyplace and anywhere, some people like to see how well they are doing with a gauge and a device. Central Florida UroGynecology offers the In-Tone® device and training as an option after our biofeedback program to have an at home training device giving you immediate feedback.

The New Year is a great time to start taking charge and make some positive changes. Central Florida UroGynecology in Rockledge offers academic level medicine in a supportive private-practice setting.  We have a lot of experience and would love to help you.  Also, "Happy New Year" or better ... "Happy New You!"

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