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I-LipoŽ, Do You? 
Marja Sprock, MD FACOG

The non-invasive laser irradiation for targeted fat cell depletion, inch loss and body-contouring.

I-LipoŽ is not another gimmick filling the cosmetic surgery/contouring market. I-LipoŽ is a non-invasive treatment for unwanted fat areas, meaning no needles, no suction tube under your skin, no knives, no pain and no down-time. I-Lipo has received FDA clearance for circumferential reduction and is the first non-invasive skin contact system to receive this clearance.

If this sounds too good to be true, realize that there are not only prizes at prestigious cosmetic events, but also placebo controlled studies. This means that the effect of the method was compared to a sham set up. The comparison showed a measurable and immediate reduction in the circumference measurements of the patients with the active treatment. The difference was 2.4 cm which is almost an inch. This was only after 1 treatment, the full treatment consists of 8 twenty minute laser sessions and a 10-15 minute ultra suction/massaging of the broken fat cell content into the lymph system.

At Central Florida UroGynecology we have numerous success storiesAt Central Florida UroGynecology we have numerous success stories. One of my favorite stories is from Ann, who gave me permission to share her story. Ann is a classy octogenarian, with nice well fitted clothes. She and I also noticed a significant flattening of her abdomen!  After her third session, Ann decided to walk off her calories while shopping, only to have her previously well-fitted pants fall to her knees in the store.

I-LipoŽ is a non-invasive laser diode system, being used for fat reduction and body reshaping. The laser stimulates the contents of the fat cell to come out of the cell, through it’s cell membrane pores. In liposuction as the Smart LipoŽ this is used to eliminate the need for prolonged tunneling. The I-LipoŽ has advanced this technology to a non-invasive body reshaping treatment.

The I-lipoŽ uses 650 nm visible red laser diodes, a wavelength that has been shown to target the mitochondria (functions in energy production in the cell) of the adipose (fat) cells. Too complicated? It produces an enzyme that breaks down the bulky triglyceride into glycerol and fatty acids and this will escape through the pores. The lymphatic system will take this up. That is why one single diode laser probe is also placed in each groin when the abdomen is treated or nearest lymph node for other targeted areas.

Published results of 20 patients after one I-LipoŽ treatment of the abdomen show a 0.98 inch to 4.9 inch decrease of circumference of 3 added areas over the abdomen.The difference with the Cerona laser treatment is that the I-Lipo is placed directly on the skin, has 7 times more laser diodes and was specifically developed for the non-invasive release of fat cell content.

The difference with Smart-LipoŽ is obviously that the I-LipoŽ is non-invasive, no cutting, no suction, no pain. Also I-LipoŽ works like a targeted exercise and does not remove fat cells, but make them smaller. The advantage is that the fat cells will not return in another area of the body, like was shown in a new England Journal of Medicine study to be happening a year after liposuction.

Published results of 20 patients after 1 single I-LipoŽ treatment of the abdomen show a 2.25 cm (0.98 inch) to 12.75 cm ( 4.9 inches)decline of circumference of 3 added areas over the abdomen.

I-LipoŽ is a non-invasive treatment for unwanted fat areas, meaning no needles, no suction tube under your skin, no knives, no pain or down time.During I-Lipo you can specifically target unwanted fat deposits. Patients will lose weight, fat content and will reduce their body fat index. It can add to a healthy life style or give that quick result that will motivate you to continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

For the real skeptics, who think that the loss of inches is purely temporary or contributed to water loss: there is continued loss with additional treatments and fat loss has been confirmed by ultrasound observations. In other words a course of I-Lipo in conjunction with an appropriate diet and exercise regimen will offer the ability for significant long-term reshaping and contouring of certain chosen areas of the body.

When is I-LipoŽ good for you? For everybody who has unwanted fat areas it will offer a significant advantage. However if you want to lose weight, would like to start living and eating healthier, it will provide you with a great jump start and incentive. If you are working out and have those areas that do not seem to slim like the rest of your body, I-lipoŽ will work great for you also.

Okay, I will admit it, I used it to, and guess what, some of my patients noticed it and have signed up for I-LipoŽ too.

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I-LipoŽ -- Do you?

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