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I Have to Go All the Time
By Marja Sprock, M.D.

If your most comfortable situation is sitting on the toilet, there may be something wrong with your bladder or the sensation it transmits to your brain. The feeling of bladder pressure or discomfort may be bothering you, which seems to improve when the bladder is empty. Obviously sitting on a toilet the whole day is not a workable solution.

Interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome complaints are typically pressure or discomfort of the bladder. Symptoms vary from day to day and patient to patient.
Patients with an overactive bladder may also frequent the bathroom to prevent leakage or because of perceived urgency. Other reasons could be incomplete bladder emptying, which will bring you back to the toilet again and again. If it happens acutely and new, it may be a bladder infection or UTI.

Interstitial cystitis/chronic bladder pain can disrupt home and work life as well as a good night sleep. Chronically feeling fatigued could be the result. Interstitial cystitis may feel like a bladder infection, however urine cultures usually do not show an infection. Sometimes people think they have recurrent infections and keep on taking antibiotics which never seem to relieve all the symptoms.

Theresa, age 42 is a very upbeat woman who has IBS and complained of urinary frequency. It often felt like she had a bladder infection, but antibiotics did not help much. She would sometimes take some over the counter Urispas®. She really desired not to get up three times during the night. She has some food sensitivity with her IBS, but noticed that her bladder does not really appreciate alcohol or tomatoes. A friend of hers took cranberry juice (acidic) for recurrent bladder infections, however when she tried this it made matters worse. Bladder pain and discomfort are worse when she has a lot of stress at work and the week before her period. She would really like to enjoy sex more, however it often causes bladder pain. She tried some pain medication to no avail and prefers not to be dependent on this.

Urinary urgency, frequency and pressure can have several reasons like bladder infections, IC/painful bladder syndrome, chronic cystitis, over active bladder or a stressful situation.

Theresa was found to have pain over the bladder as well as tight vaginal muscles; her urethra was also exquisitely tender. Theresa’s bladder diary showed she emptied her bladder 19 times a day for very small volumes. Some people may do this because they do not empty completely, however in IC/painful bladder people do empty completely. Theresa really wanted to know what the inside of her bladder looked like and she watched it on the TV screen in the clinic. After a small amount of fluid infused in the bladder, we could see the bladder vasculature becoming inflamed and irritated. She also became very uncomfortable and we both knew enough to get her treated.

Theresa had medications inserted in her bladder to restore the bladder wall. Now she comes in every now and then to have this repeated. She is also on a bladder medication which lessens the urgency and is sleeping through the night now. She does not require any pain medications and watches her diet closely. Even though cranberry juice may have some effect on recurrent bladder infections with the bacteria called E. Coli, the acidity of the juice exacerbates IC symptoms.

If this is your favorite place to spend your day and night you may have IC/painful bladder syndrome

I remember Barbara, 18 years of age who was diagnosed with IC after years of suffering. Because it appeared like she had recurrent bladder infections, her mother –with the best intent- made her drink a glass of cranberry juice a day. Barbara had another treatment in the operating room under anesthesia where the bladder is distended with fluid till it can’t hold anymore. This is then repeated to try to distend the bladder some and look at the possible bleeds and ulcers as well as bladder scarring. There is usually a very limited amount of fluid the bladder can hold.

The evaluation for the diagnosis of IC/painful bladder is continually in the works, since a lot is still unknown about the condition. We know acidic foods, tomatoes, caffeine and alcohol are usually bladder irritants, however do not cut them all out at once.

I recently had a patient who was given the diagnosis of IC years ago, but never noticed a difference with any of the foods. She also had a normal bladder volume and had been misdiagnosed; her problem was not emptying the bladder completely-she had chronic retention. The great cups of coffee she has missed!

Some women have bladder urgency and frequency, get treated with medications in the bladder and are fine. In some people the medications have taken care of it forever and some will come back every now and then for this simple office treatment. Women with an irritated bladder which gets cured with the medications in the bladder do not need to be on a no caffeine, alcohol and acidic foods diet.

Are you reading this article while sitting on the toilet? Maybe it is time for you to come and visit Dr. Sprock at Central Florida UroGynecology in Rockledge.

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