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Is UTI a Major Health Problem?
by Marja Sprock, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.; F.P.M.R.S. Board Certified

In the community UTIís (Urinary tract infections) are among the most frequent infections encountered. Women are more susceptible to UTI than men, also some women are more susceptible to getting a UTI than others.

Genetic and familiar factors like blood type may play a role. Women of blood groups B and AB who in addition do not secrete certain blood substances are at higher risk. Nothing you can change about this.

Most UTIís are preceded by vaginal colonization with uropathogens or bacteria able to cause a UTI. Women with recurrent UTIís are more susceptible to these bacteria trying to inhabit their vagina.

In women before menopause the reasons for recurrent UTIís are different than in post-menopausal women. Before menopause sexual intercourse, use of spermicides, and a history of a mother with UTIís or having had UTIís in childhood are important risk factors.

In healthy women after menopause recurrence of UTIís often has to do with the ability to completely empty the bladder, lack of the protective effect of estrogen as well as the non-secretor status of certain blood substances. Obviously after menopause sexual intercourse can also play a major role, especially if there is no protective effect of vaginal estrogen.

Recurrent UTIís can be a frustrating problem. Ask Dorothy, 78 years old. Dorothyís UTIís are usually also more severe since she has diabetes mellitus. If your immune system is down because of certain diseases or medications you are also more prone to infections. Dorothy made sure her diabetes became better controlled, had given up on sex and started on vaginal estrogen. Since most of her infections were caused by the bowel bacteria: E. Coli, she had also started cranberry pills. Because of Dorothyís diabetes mellitus large amounts of sweetened cranberry juice would not have been a good idea. Cranberry juice and blueberry juice reduce some of the adherence of the bacteria. The usual dose for UTI prevention is one-two 8 oz glasses. It does not help for all bacteria and it definitely does not treat UTIís. However if UTIís keep on recurring as in Dorothyís case you have to pull out all the stops. Also some of these products were thought to make urine more acidic. We know estrogen makes the vagina more acidic and more resistant to the uropathogens or bacteria we do not like to live in the vagina. Also remember soap is alkaline, no matter if you buy it imported from the Amazon rainforest or unscented or just for babies. Baby wipes are clean if the anus is just touched, however vaginas do not like wipes. It again changes the acidity of the vagina, which changes which bacteria like to live in the vagina. We want lactobacillus to live there, not E.Coli and other friends like Klebsiella and Pseudomonas. Will Greek yoghurt or probiotics increase the amount of lactobacillus in your vagina? It may help with some of your resistance; all little bits may help.

Dorothy has pulled out all the stops and in addition gets some medications in the bladder every 2 weeks. Dorothy used to be admitted to the hospital regularly for recurrent complicated UTI, but has not been for the last year. She has not been totally infection free, however has not required any intravenous antibiotics and has had more energy in the last 1 year than the 5 years before that together. Also since she has UTIís now very infrequently they are much more susceptible to regular antibiotics by mouth. Not everybody will require all these measures, however UTI and recurrent UTI are a significant health problem and burden. At Central Florida UroGynecology in Rockledge, we can evaluate your specific reason for recurrence of the UTIís and assist you to either make UTI a thing of the past or significantly less often and less severe.

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