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Pain with Sex
By Marja Sprock, M.D. FACOG, FPMRS Board Certified

Approximately 40% of women in the United States have sexual concerns and pain with sex is one of them.

Pain with sex can be primary, meaning present at first intercourse or secondary; it developed after previously pain-free intercourse. Painful intercourse may have anatomical as well as physiological and psychological factors contributing. It may be localized at the vulva-the outer part, vagina or pelvis.

Hormones play a crucial role, not only in sexual desire, but also in the quality of the vulvar and vaginal tissue.

It is more common to have secondary pain with intercourse and a big contributor is menopause or peri-menopause. Hormones play a crucial role, not only in sexual desire, but also in the receptiveness and thickness of the vulvar and vaginal tissue. It is difficult to enjoy intercourse if your tissue feels like sandpaper and naturally your desire for intercourse will go down also. Extensive research has been done on hormones and all the pro’s and con’s. Some authors claim a lot of good for bioidentical hormones without much valid scientific proof that it is any better than synthetic hormones. There are numerous forms of bioidentical hormones available to help the hormonal balance of the vagina and of its owner. Newer are the estrogen/anti-estrogen combination drugs. A newer drug is available, taken orally which is an estrogen to the vagina, however, an anti-estrogen to the breast.

Monica, age 55, came to my office with her partner for microscopic blood in the urine. Since sexual questions are part of my work-up this was addressed also. The couple had stopped intercourse recently, since as he described it, penetration was like sticking a knife in her vagina. Monica had a family history of breast cancer and by her choice had not used any hormones after menopause. Even an entire tube of KY jelly or Astroglide® could not relieve her discomfort. The couple really missed the closeness of intercourse. Her options were carefully reviewed; she chose to have a ring inserted in the vagina which secretes a minute amount of estrogen on a daily basis. Even though the original issue of blood in the urine was addressed, the couple was more relieved that the sexual issue was resolved.

Sex is more important for some people than for others; however, it creates a connection between couples.

Surgeries on the vagina and pelvic organs can also contribute to painful sex. Removal of the ovaries, with or without a hysterectomy results in surgical menopause and drop in estrogen levels. Surgeries tightening the vagina are great if they are done correctly, but too tight can be cause for pain. I have met numerous women who underwent a vaginal hysterectomy with anterior (front vaginal wall) and posterior repair (backside of vagina) and were never even able to have sex again because it was so tight. The malpractice lawyers make you believe that inserting a mesh in the vagina for prolapse treatment will for sure cause pain with intercourse. This is not a given, even though any surgery on the vagina has the potential. If there are painful spots or areas, a series of local well placed injections can often get rid of the pain.

Gertrude, age 62, had undergone a posterior wall repair (backside of the vagina for a bulging rectum-rectocele) up North and had been suffering from pain and bleeding with intercourse ever since. Her surgeon had looked at it several times, however did not recognize that he had created a tissue ridge which would cause tension and tear with penetration. After resuturing and tissue advancement of this ridge, Gertrude went back up North able to have sex without pain, bleeding and stress. A simple solution for what had grown into a big problem.

Pain with intercourse can also occur with chronic or interstitial cystitis syndromes. Treatment of the syndrome, not only makes daily life better, but also the sexual relationship.

Painful masses on the urethra, like diverticula, can cause pain or sometimes there is an infection of the glands surrounding the urethra (tube which connects the bladder to the outside world).

Diseases such as lichen planus and lichen sclerosis can cause severe scarring and atrophy of the vulva and definitely require treatment even if you do not desire sexual activity. No, not with estrogen, but with steroids.

Not all pain with intercourse; itching, burning and vaginal dryness is due to low estrogen levels, diminishing vaginal lubrication and secondary thinning of the vaginal tissue.

If you have pain with intercourse and you would like to be sexually active again, you may want to check your treatment options at Central Florida UroGynecology in Rockledge. As you have read there are numerous different solutions available to several problems.

Sex is a normal part of life, without it we would not be here.

Marja Sprock M.D. at Central Florida UroGynecology in Rockledge is OB/GYN and Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery (Urogynecology) board certified and can be reached at 321-806-3929 or check us out at

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