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What the doctor does not tell you…
By Marja Sprock, M.D.
FACOG, FPMRS board certified

According to some books, websites, magazines or advertisements doctors do not give you the easy information you need to cure all your illnesses. If life were that simple it would be great. In reality doctors have gone and keep on going through rigorous training in order to help you to the best of their ability.

No need to drink 8 glasses of water to live longer, there is no proof whatsoever. Remember eating less and healthier and exercise makes you lose weight, not drinking water.

An advertisement stating the newest cure to stay dry by taking some expensive pills with secret ingredients out of the Amazon rainforest, sounds interesting, but is probably a great way to get some money out of your pocket. Sign up for a monthly shipment and you know for sure you are being taken for a ride.

Taking expensive condensed cranberry extract pills shows very debatable effectiveness to prevent acute urinary tract infections and only with the bacteria called E. Coli. Most people spending money on these pills have interstitial or chronic cystitis. For these diseases it makes the bladder feel worse. The doctor tells you now, not to waste your money on these products. There are usually treatable factors contributing to these recurrent infections or the feeling you have an infection.

“8 glasses of water and the more the better", which is what everybody tells you…. Well not the doctor. Guess what, even Weight Watchers®, which started this unproven “health benefit”, has backed off to 6 glasses. If water replaces a higher calorie choice of drink or food, it makes sense for weight loss; however people have taken it into extremes. You probably know people who always carry a gallon of water around, maybe 2 when they come to work or volunteering. If your work consists of an inside sit down office job, you will not need these amounts as replacement.

On some marathon events they have diminished the amount of emergency care needed by diminishing the water stations. The daily intake of fluids for women should be about 91 ounces; which is 11.5 cups from fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea and water. Some people drink such a large amount of water that they develop electrolyte imbalances and complain about fatigue and dizziness. Others do not realize that most bladders like to empty with 8-10 ounces of fluid in there and ignore the signals of the bladder, eventually leading to incontinence. For some women, the only reason they leak urine is because their intake is too large and they do not empty accordingly. So if you have never heard you doctor tell you that there is no study showing you live longer and better by forcing water on yourself, here it is, I will tell you and you do not even need a monthly membership. No need to drink 8 glasses of water to live longer, there is no proof whatsoever. Remember eating less and healthier and exercise makes you lose weight, not drinking water.

You may wonder why so many people have been compliant with the 8 glasses of water. Well it is easy to do and feel good about yourself. Exercise every day is good for your health, but takes effort. Walking a mile a day, every day has been proven to be good for your health. Try to walk at the same time every day or make two ½ mile trips.

Have you walked your mile today?

The doctor tells you: exercise has been proven to be good for your health, the evidence for 8 glasses of water is lacking. By the way, even though caffeinated coffee is usually not good for chronic or interstitial cystitis sufferers; people who drink 3 cups of caffeinated coffee a day do live longer than non-coffee drinkers. The doctor just told you, you do not have to feel guilty about your cup of coffee in the morning.

“Kegel exercises do not work” is another popular untrue statement. They do not cure all urine or fecal control issues entirely. The doctor tells you science shows it does not cure everything, but pelvic health helps and is a non-invasive treatment. Once you have learned how to perform the exercises correctly in few sessions in our clinic, you may be pleasantly surprised. INTONE® is a device to be used at home to guide you through a pelvic floor exercise routine. The doctor supports the INTONE® device, however also acknowledges you can perform Kegel exercises anywhere, just think of them. You can do you pelvic floor exercises waiting for the train or a red light, in church, watching a show; you name it….no excuses.

Your doctor advises you not to practice the exercises while voiding, since it disrupts you bladder contraction and will lead to dysfunctional voiding.

Urogynecology is a sub specialization of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Urology and is now officially called Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS). Since June 2013 it has an official board certification. So what the urogynecologists in this country, from professors at large academic centers to community hospitals did not tell you is that they had to hit the books and scientific journals even more intensely than usual. Now Dr. Sprock will tell you that she is one of the few in this country who is not only board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, but also in Female Pelvic Medicine and reconstructive surgery.

The things that all those hard working doctors do not tell you!! Have you walked your mile today or are you still squeezing in all that water?

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