Emsella™ electromagnetic pelvic floor strengthening chair


The Emsella™ chair makes training your pelvic floor muscles a breeze. Just imagine getting a 3 month’ daily gym work-out by sitting in a chair for 30 minutes. Would you not sign up for that, I would.

This revolutionary treatment is offered at Central Florida UroGynecology in Rockledge.

The Emsella™ chair uses high intensity focused electromagnetic technology to cause pelvic floor muscle stimulation. As we know strong pelvic floor muscles are the key to continence. The Emsella ™chair is FDA approved for urinary incontinence. We can not claim anything else, but in general strong pelvic muscles help with urinary and fecal continence as well as enhancement of sexual pleasure.

The Emsella ™ chair provokes about 11,000 Kegel type contractions in 30 minutes, which is better than any Kegel champion can perform.

Emsella machine

The Emsella ™ chair gives a high intensity pelvic floor muscle work-out via electromagnetic technology. Stay fully clothed, sit on a chair and treat your incontinence with the newest technology.

There is no down time and it is performed with your clothes on. The Emsella™ chair treatment as opposed to our pelvic floor biofeedback training is not insurance covered.

We will obviously continue to offer the insurance covered pelvic floor training, however we can not perform 11,000 contractions in 30 minutes.

We will not require a consultation for the Emsella™, so you may sign up for 6 sessions or present for a low priced trial session.

I am pretty sure you will be hooked, like Diane T. (53). Diane was not able to hit a hard serve with tennis, without leaking on her pad. Diane for right or wrong does not like to see a doctor. Diane read about the Emsella chair™ and was a little skeptical. She thought it sounded too good too be true, till she had a trial session.

Emsella™ in a nutshell:
  • Electromagnetic technology
  • High intensity fully clothed pelvic muscle work-out
  • Recommended treatment: 6 sessions
  • No consultation necessary

Diane completed her 6 pelvic floor training sessions and is so afraid she’ll leak again that she has a once a month session now. Diane took the future way of continence, you can too. Central Florida UroGynecology is the first and currently the only location in Central Florida where this revolutionary treatment is available