Laser and the Vagina


In the quest for minimally invasive treatments of the vagina, the laser is gaining more and more momentum. Restoration, rejuvenation of our natural tissue is the new focus in medicine. Laser has the ability to rejuvenate, revitalize vaginal tissue by stimulating collagen remodeling as well as synthesis of new collagen fibers in the vaginal mucosa and underlying endopelvic fascia.

The Erbium YAG Fotona® laser treats vaginal looseness/relaxation, prolapse, vaginal atrophy and stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

It sounds too good to be true but it is. The Fotona Erbium YAG laser can deliver.

Incontilase™ is a laser option to treat (SUI), which is leakage with coughing, sneezing, laughing, jumping.

The laser incontinence treatment is non-painful, in-office, incisionless, without surgery or down time. The only downside of this great solution is; the Incontilase™ is not insurance covered. Dependent on the level of SUI it may have to be repeated once or twice. Other insurance covered treatments for SUI are muscle training, slings and peri-urethral bulking.

The Incontilase rejuvenates the tissue in between the muscles.

Incontilase™: -Treats SUI

  • Uses your own tissue and makes it stronger naturally
  • There is no scar formation
  • In office, non-painful
  • Resume regular activities immediately after
  • Very affordable

Lisa is a 42-year-old account executive for a software company and does a lot of travelling. She does not like bringing along pads. With 1-2 small leaks a day, Lisa does not feel she is ready for a sling, even though she understands it is a small outpatient surgery. She has well trained pelvic floor muscles and is looking to make her vaginal tissues stronger. Lisa likes the idea of an office procedure, without pain and understands her tissue will change over time. Usually after one month, most of the result is noticed, but remodeling is seen until at least 12 weeks after the procedure.


  • Non-hormonal treatment for vaginal atrophy/painful vagina
  • In-office
  • Non-painful
  • No downtime
  • Very affordable

Lisa scheduled the procedure early before work at 7.00 am and was on her way to work at 7.30 am. “That was even easier than I thought” Lisa said afterwards. On her monthly check-up, she was no longer wearing pads and felt like this one laser treatment had cured the problem. Lisa understood that sometimes it takes 2-3 treatments.

Other Erbium YAG Fotona laser treatments available are Renovalase™ for treatment of vaginal atrophy. Renovalase™ is an exciting option for women who cannot or do not desire to use vaginal estrogen and either have a painful, burning vagina or pain with sex.

Intimalase™ for vaginal relaxation. Satisfaction with intercourse depends a lot on perceived friction. Often after vaginal childbirth, the vaginal walls have become loose which reduces friction. Intimalase™ causes vaginal tightening without surgery or pain.


  • Non-surgical vaginal tightening
  • In-office
  • Non-painful
  • No downtime

Cynthia 47 came in for Intimalase™. It had been her idea to recreate more vaginal tightness, but when she presented the plan to her sexual partner, he immediately offered to pay for it.

Carol 47 never told her sexual partner she had the Intimalase™ performed in our office, but he felt it. Her sexual partner told her “honey it may be odd, but you feel tighter” As of today she has kept it her little secret, but they are both happy with the result.

The newest development with European research supporting its effectiveness is treatment for pelvic organ prolapse. The ProlapsLase™ is available at Central Florida UroGynecology also. We have the newest regenerating technology, no-downtime treatments. The results are actually quite stunning.

Sabina Sencar M.D and Urska Bizjak-Ogrinc from Slovenia in Europe have a large following of satisfied patients who underwent several treatments with the Erbium YAG Fotona laser to achieve vaginal wall and pelvic tissue strengthening. They presented at the International UroGynecology Association (IUGA) conference in Nice, France in 2015. Several treatments up to five are needed for prolapse; however, it is non-invasive, non-surgical, and non-painful and uses your natural tissue. Dr. Sprock had the honor to train under these two pioneers and is one of the few physicians in the US trained in the versatility of the Erbium laser to treat prolapse, SUI, atrophy and vaginal loosening. These are all different treatments and require a different procedure and laser setting.

The Fotona is a FDA approved laser, some of the treatments are considered experimental, however results do not lie. At Central Florida UroGynecology, we have extensive experience and numerous satisfied clients. We are one of the clinics with the most experience in vaginal laser treatments and treat patients from all over the United States.