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I-Lipo® Treatments


Just imagine a non-invasive, no pain, no downtime low level skin contact laser therapy, to stimulate the release of fatty acids from the fat cell, thereby shrinking the adipose layer and causing body sculpturing. Yes, you can lose inches using this treatment and placebo controlled trials have proven the effectiveness of I-Lipo®.

I-Lipo® is FDA approved and was developed in Europe in 2008 after low level laser was found to be stimulating the release of fatty acids from the fat cell. The skin touching low-level laser of I-Lipo® was developed, a non-invasive method to diminish unwanted fat.

I-Lipo Won "Best Slimming treatment" at "Les Victoire de la Beaute" in France, a prestigious cosmetic event. Besides the no needles, knives, suction devices, pain or down-time, I-Lipo works like targeted exercise. It is not liposuction, which has the disadvantage, as proven by a recent New England Journal of Medicine article that within a year fat cells will appear elsewhere in your body.

With I-Lipo®, the fat cells shrink, so they can not come back elsewhere. The fatty acids being released from the fat cells, will be removed by the lymph system. The ultra suction device as well as the 2 laser lymph diodes that come with the I-lipo® system, will improve this, as well as some exercise after the treatment.

Central Florida UroGyecology is the premier center in Central Florida to offer non-invasive I-Lipo® treatment.

Central Florida UroGynecology is the premier center in Central Florida to offer this treatment. Even though our urogynecology services are, to great dismay from some men, only offered to women, we have I-Lipo┬« for both. Finally a way for men to have a good reason to visit a urogynecology office. Take control of unwanted fat in targeted areas with I-Lipo®

I-Lipo is great to start off your healthier lifestyle, since it will give you an immediate boost. It is also great for active people who have an undesirable fat area, that will not diminish. With I-Lipo these areas can be targeted.

The full treatment comprises 8 sessions, even though studies have shown over 3 measuring points after the first treatment a 0.89 inch to 5 inch difference in circumference.

I-Lipo® is a non-invasive contact laser therapy, specifically developed to treat fat cells and have the contents be removed by the lymph system. I-Lipo┬« has 36 diodes and is applied directly to the skin. It is cutting edge technology which is now available in Central Florida.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss what you can achieve with I-Lipo. We have several packages to fulfill your need.

For I-Lipo we will treat men and women.

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