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Central Florida UroGynecology is the First in the U.S. to offer I-LipoŽ XCell
By Marja Sprock, M.D.

Central Florida UroGynecology offers common sense to highly innovative treatments and will be the first clinic in the USA to offer the new I-lipoŽ XCell.

As you may know there are three different I-LipoŽ versions: The first is a 650-660 nm visible red laser diode laser which targets your fat cells. Through a non-invasive, no down time, no needle relaxing manner it makes the fat cells release the triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol. Smart, since it is a natural pathway to diminish the size of your fat cell. Your fat cell stays in place; the grape turns into a non-wrinkled raisin.

I-LipoŽ works for people starting to adapt to a healthier life style and need a boost or people frustrated by this one area which will not come off in an otherwise well trained body.

You may think do I really want my fat cell to stay? It has been proven that your body has a memory for the number of fat cells. With liposuction you may take them away and find them back around your organs or on your thighs or behind your ear. This is for real and was even published in reputable journals as the Lancet.

Bio stimulation of natural pathways is a healthy manner to shape up and the FDA has I-LipoŽ approved for body sculpturing since March 2012. Central Florida UroGynecology has offered this service to numerous clients male and female since then.

The Ultra version which we have been using is the second I-LipoŽ version with 36 laser diodes

  • It adds a mechanical massage action altering the density of the tissue
  • Loosens adhered skin structure/lumps
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage and cellular exchanges
  • Increased oxygenation of tissue and improves blood flow
  • 785 nm lasers increase collagen production and tighten tissue

In other words I-LipoŽ is good, Ultra offers increased effectiveness.

The third generation is the I-Lipo XCell, adding radiofrequency for advanced skin tightening and more laser diodes. Central Florida UroGynecology is the first clinic in the USA to make this treatment available to their clients. A natural health treatment which is innovative. The entire method makes common sense, whether you choose the I-LipoŽ Ultra or the XCell.

The I-Lipo XCell offers 15 diodes per pad: 9 x 658nm and 6 x 785nm.

Whether you choose the I-LipoŽ Ultra or the XCell you will see great results

The 785nm provides deeper penetration and improved results on stubborn areas. These are added to the Ultra system as well as the radiofrequency for skin tightening.

The I-LipoŽ Ultra has proven results and we will continue to use the I-LipoŽ ultra machine. As the first clinic in the USA we can also offer the I-Lipo XCell.

Get this treatment now at our current location or in mid-May in our new location on 101 Eyster Boulevard in Rockledge. Right at the corner with US 1, you will find the ultimate in I-Lipo treatments with all the choices available.

The above shows 8 treatments
of a regular I-lipoŽ machine -- proven results.

The Fat Cells Visibly Change

I-LipoŽ has improved itself, however all the shown evidence and pictures are with the first one. It works and the newer systems have only improved on the effect.

Central Florida UroGynecology will offer the Ultra and XCell treatments, the latter for a higher price, since the machine is priced significantly higher and the treatment will take longer because of the added radiofrequency.

I-LipoŽ works for people starting to adapt to a healthier life style and need a boost or people frustrated by this one area which will not come off in an otherwise well trained body. You can schedule for a free consultation 321-806-3929 and get motivated to adapt to a healthy lifestyle once you see the results.

Even though the UroGynecology is only for women, I-lipoŽ is for men and women;

Central Florida UroGynecology in Rockledge. Call 321-806-3929 and schedule a consultation or leave a note here.

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