O Shot ® :Vaginal and clitoral PRP for better sex

When I tell people what I do for a living, they are always cautiously curious. Few like to admit that they would like to improve their sex life. Undeniably sex is an important part of life and relationships. Even though sex drive may be variable for different people and change over a life time, it is a factor in happiness. Through extensive media coverage, people may have heard about the O-Shot®.

O-Shot®, it’s an innovative way to help women with urinary incontinence and improve sexual relations.

Vaginal Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been suggested to help with sexual satisfaction and continence.

O shot® has been researched and is a procedure using PRP to enhance or experience orgasm. Most people orgasm, but would not be opposed to enhancing the experience. The O-Shot also addresses the clitoris, since it is an important part of the orgasm system.

Some women have never had an orgasm and the O-Shot® enhances the chance it will happen. Highly frustrating if orgasm diminishes in strength while aging, be glad that there is a way to improve orgasm with PRP. The procedure is in office and quick. It does take about 3 weeks for the growth factors in the platelets to work their magic on the tissue and the nerves, however some women get really stimulated for a while right after the injection. We are all a little different, so if you feel excited right after, I would say enjoy it.

Some women are on medications like SSRI’s which will take you to a pre-orgasmic level, but you often do not orgasm. A change to antidepressants like Welbutrin may help, the O-shot does not counteract the block of your medication.

PRP is made from your own blood and is therefore almost risk free.

PRP is vastly conquering the world for facelifts, improving arthritis and now can make your vagina and clitoris younger again.

Lisa is 42 years old and recently divorced. She was never able to really enjoy orgasm and chooses to have a better chance at it. Her vagina was not too wide or too dry, she just liked to optimize her orgasm ability. Lisa had a minor problem with losing urine when she coughed or sneezed. Lisa was not sure how her friends would’ve reacted, but it’s her body, her life. She did not tell anybody at first.

The shot was in office, minimally uncomfortable and she could drive herself. She did not get the immediate sexual urge as described by some, but 4 weeks later, she could not believe her luck. To Lisa a couple of great orgasms would have been worth it, but it did not only improve that. Lisa is more self- confident and forgot about losing those drops of urine, that happens no longer.

Dr. Sprock is an O-Shot certified provider and in addition a board certified female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgeon. She has studied the vagina and surrounding anatomy extensively. The O-Shot is an innovative way to enhance your sexual experience using your own PRP, let’s choose orgasm.